Insurance relies on the ability to predict future claims or loss exposure based on historical information and experience. However, insurers face an uncertain future as they face spiraling operational costs, escalating regulatory pressures, increasing competition and rising claim expenses. With more than 4 years of experience in the insurance industry, Yuki can help you achieve long-term success and obtain peace of mind. Integrated and extensible insurance solutions built on a flexible business analytics framework and insurance-specific data model speed up both implementation and results, giving you a fast track to significant ROI.



    With global concerns about containing the cost of health care, discussions in many countries about how best to care for an aging population and the ongoing debate in the US on health system reform, it's clear that those health care organizations that can adapt swiftly and strategically to changing dynamics will be better prepared to succeed long-term. There has never been a greater need to derive trusted insights from data, and the use of health analytics is critical.


    Yuki has demonstrated its commitment to leading the way for integrating technology into education in order to improve student learning and success throughout the education life cycle. Since the beginning, Yuki has been dedicated to teaching and learning, now even more with our on-demand solutions for academics. In addition, Yuki offers a range of other options to education from online curriculum resources that enhance student achievement and teacher effectiveness to on-site or hosted administrative offerings that supply Yuki customers with the accurate and reliable information and analysis they need to make the best data-driven decisions possible.


    In order to properly conduct fundamental and technical analysis on publicly-traded, companies, many traders turn to stock market software. Traditionally, this software is downloaded from the software creator and installed on your personal computer. The software runs on your computer and connects to the Internet to gather the most recent stock data.
    Many modern traders prefer online trading software instead of downloadable software. The primary benefit is the ability to analyze publicly-traded companies from any Internet-connected computer in the world. All of a trader's portfolios, chart settings and saved data is stored on a software server instead of the trader's personal computer. Online trading software has greatly evolved over the last decade. Years ago, it was much less powerful than its downloadable counterparts were. Today, online software is robust and has just as many features and capabilities as a downloadable version.


    The travel and transportation industries continually strive to improve speed, efficiency, flexibility, service area and the customer experience, while reducing costs and improving profits. Transportation is the backbone of our entire commercial ecosystem. Advances in engineering and technology are applying pressure on the industry to keep pace with the growing needs of the economy both local and global. Travel is tightly coupled with the hospitality industry and is about building strong customer loyalty and using various sources of customer information for greater insight to move from frequency-oriented marketing to more value- or service-oriented programs.


    Yuki has an in-depth understanding of the real estate business, and has dedicated real estate practice to cater to the specific business requirements of the industry. Our team of real estate consultants has developed conceptual frameworks, process flows and other assets that enable a detailed analysis of both the life and non-life sectors.


    In retail, where companies can go quickly from rags to riches or riches to rags the customer's perception of, and experience with, your brand is critical not only to staying in business, but growing your business as well. Yuki enables retailers across all segments apparel, grocery, specialty, general merchandise, online and hardlines to uncover in-depth customer insights that you can use to delight customers by engaging them in profitable ways. With high-performance analytics at the core and backed by more than three decades of retail experience, Yuki solutions for retail enable you to find new and better ways of doing business.


    Yuki logistics solutions deliver a critical advantage to organizations by helping them turn data into knowledge and develop unique insights about their demand patterns, supply networks, operations and customer service requirements. Yuki provides you the ability to combine data from other data sources, such as transactional and operational systems, to provide more comprehensive analysis and reporting to better meet corporate business requirements. The result is improved efficiency and effectiveness of the overall supply chain, increased profits and higher customer satisfaction.


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